Chicken Ada | 900g


  • Kozhiada, also called chicken ada, is a cherished South Indian treat.
  • It’s a type of stuffed dumpling made with rice flour dough.
  • The filling contains spiced chicken, coconut, and herbs.
  • Kozhiada can be steamed or fried and enjoyed as a snack or part of a meal.
  • Kozhiada, known interchangeably as chicken ada, is a culinary gem hailing from the southern regions of India, particularly Kerala and Tamil Nadu.
  • This culinary masterpiece involves the meticulous crafting of a dough primarily composed of rice flour, rolled out into thin, circular sheets to envelope a tantalizing filling.
  • The filling, a symphony of flavors, comprises tender chicken pieces infused with a harmonious blend of spices, intertwined with freshly grated coconut and a bouquet of fragrant herbs like curry leaves and cilantro.
  • The preparation process entails skillfully encasing the savory filling within the delicate dough, sealing it to ensure that the flavors meld seamlessly during cooking.
  • Kozhiada offers versatility in its preparation, with two primary cooking methods: steaming and frying. Steaming yields a tender, succulent texture, while frying imparts a delightful crispiness to the outer layer, creating a satisfying contrast of textures.
  • Served piping hot, Kozhiada is a delightful indulgence, whether relished as a standalone snack or incorporated into a more elaborate meal. Its adaptability makes it suitable for any time of the day, from a hearty breakfast option to a flavorful addition to dinner.
  • With its rich amalgamation of flavors and comforting texture, Kozhiada represents a culinary tradition cherished by connoisseurs of South Indian cuisine, offering a tantalizing glimpse into the region’s culinary heritage with every bite.


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Chicken Ada | 900g